The 3 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Girl With A Resting Bitch Face

Recently, we have been hearing numerous comments about the ladies with a resting bitch face. It is not easy for a girl to have that kind of trait because it is the reason why they are misunderstood most of the time. However, it is not impossible to fall for them. As a matter of fact, guys get attracted to girls with this kind of feature because one look and it can challenge their whole system. The sad part is that not all attracted men will have the courage to pursue a woman with a resting bitch face. If you are one of the guys who like a girl with this feature, check these things out and let it be your guide.

1. Always remember that she is not mad

The look on their face can intimidate the hell out of you, and that is for sure. Put in mind that they don’t mean it and it’s just that there is nothing they can do to remove their resting bitch face. They are not mad, so don’t be too sensitive thinking that they hate you.

2. You will know when she is mad

Once you have seen her angry, things will be easier for you in telling the difference if it is just her normal expression. You also need to be prepared because if her natural face is something that intimidates you, what more do you think about her death glare.

3. Don’t ask her if she’s ok

I am not saying that you shouldn’t ask that question if she’s sick or something but make sure to refrain from asking on a typical day. You will get to see her face and think that she is pissed or angry, but she is not. If you ask her that question, it could tick her off because you don’t know how many people have asked her that.

Dating a girl with a resting bitch face will keep you in up in your toes. There is just one secret that you have to learn. Do not assume things when it comes to her.

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