The Top 4 Reasons Why Men Won’t Commit In A Relationship

We all have our fears and things that we are scared of, but when it comes to relationships, men are more afraid of commitment than women. Most women cry because they were hurt and betrayed. It is usually because of this fear that men have. Here are the top reasons why guys are scared of commitments. Check it out.

1. Player in the field

The beautiful women out there are one of the weaknesses of men. They refuse to commit because they are not yet ready to give up the playing field where they can meet and mingle with a lot of girls. It’s because they would lose that freedom because they need to stick with their girl alone.

2. There are others

A guy will never want to commit if there is more than one girl in his mind. It’s like one girl is special, but there are also other women out there that makes him feel good as well.

3. The Priorities

Men are not just all about the field where they can flirt with a lot of women. Another reason why they do not want to commit is his priorities in life. It could be because of his ambition, family, and even studies. You heard that right. Even men think about their future and getting into a commitment is not one of his priorities.

4. The Baggage

Just like women, men can also have bad experiences in life. There are possibilities that a guy already went through a broken heart that would make him scared to commit. Aside from that, if the guy is from a broken family, it could also be a reason why a man won’t commit to a relationship.

Men can be playful and afraid to commit themselves to a relationship. We just need to give them time to sort everything out on their own, and they will eventually come around.

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