Why Men Are Crazy For Bad Girls Than The Good Ones?

I’m sure that many people are questioning why most men go crazy in love with bad girls. Some individuals can’t get the logic on why they would go for some bad and naughty girls if there is a perfectly good girl around. They have reasons. Check out the reasons of men why they tend to go crazy for someone that we cannot call the ideal type of girl.

1. They are hot

I am not saying that the good girls are ugly and all that. It’s just that bad girls are good in carrying themselves. They possess the sex appeal that draws that attention of men. We know how the guys think. The more guys are interested in a woman they will see it as a challenge to beat any other man who is competing for her attention.

2. Outgoing and fun

Bad girls know the best way to describe fun, it is to go out and be adventurous. Men like girls who can take on the world without inhibitions. They are confident to face any other people wherever you bring them. There will be no reason for men to hesitate in asking her out because he knows that she is up for the challenge.

3. Living for the moment

When men see women who have the good girls’ attitude, they are like seeing themselves being tied up in a relationship. Bad girls present less hassle because they don’t pay attention to the future that much. This type of girls wants to live for the moment. In short, they go with the flow like how most guys are.

It is the logic of why there are a lot of men go crazy for bad and naughty girls. For them, there will be no boring and dull moments because these girls present pure excitement.

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